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Testimonial 4

“Our daughter is getting the best education there is while being surrounded by love, support, and compassion. We value everything that Whole Child is.”

Testimonial 9

“I like everything about Whole Child. I know that’s a blanket statement, but it’s absolutely true.”

Testimonial 6

“I value that my child loves to learn. I value this community in which there is so much love, support, and encouragement shown to her that she feels as though you are all part of her family. I value that she is an independent thinker and that her actions demonstrate empathy and ability. I value…

Testimonial 3

“My two children have blossomed while at Whole Child and I feel like they have a very solid foundation for learning from which to build upon. And I know I’ve become a better parent with what I’ve learned during my time at the school.”

Testimonial 1

“Not only is Whole Child an amazing and positive experience for our kids, but for our whole family as well. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve enjoyed working with people who are so passionate about what you do and how you pursue it. It is an inspiration.”

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