A Whole Education

Since 1983, Whole Child Montessori Center has nurtured a warm and engaging school community for Portland families with little ones aged 3-6 (preschool-kindergarten). We offer a rich, interactive Montessori environment that fosters curiosity, joy, a lively intellect, and social harmony.


  • At Whole Child, we provide loving, nurturing guidance and a safe place to learn and grow. At the heart of our community are two beautiful Montessori classrooms and a lush outdoor space that invite children to explore, discover, and put their hands and bodies to work.

  • In our mixed-age classrooms, children have endless opportunities for social growth as they freely choose to work together and alone, as older children give patient help to their preschool friends, and as younger children strive to do what the big kids can. We nurture kindness, courtesy, and consideration for others.

  • Each classroom offers interest and intellectual challenge with Montessori materials that assist even the youngest preschool child in developing fine motor skills, in building concentration and independence, and in tackling math and language concepts eagerly.

  • Our integrated indoor and outdoor environments support children in their physical development by offering challenges big and small. From carefully pouring water to walking heel-to-toe on the line to climbing, sliding, galloping and jumping, it feels good to be at Whole Child!

Our Program

From our unique and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to our strong foundation in Montessori practice to our involved and connected community, Whole Child has a lot to offer every family.


What Parents Are Saying

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