Testimonial 11

Now that I know what to look for in a Montessori classroom, it is just remarkable to watch children independently initiate their work, solve problems, and help each other.  The way that lessons build on and reinforce each other ’til the child is ready for the next step – and the way they allow children to learn not just theoretically but to almost physically embody the concepts – is brilliant.  Sitting in the classrooms, I loved watching the arc of activity for each child in the classroom: from the transition period between work to getting set up to doing the chosen work to cleaning up (and all the little diversions and social interactions and problem solving that went along with each step!), it was so exciting to see on how many different planes the children are learning. And I would be remiss not to mention how impressed I was by the way the adults interact with and guide the children.  They are all so capable and so caring, and it’s obvious to me that they get a lot of joy out of the children.  All I can say is that we feel so fortunate to have our daughters as a part of the Whole Child community.  They are thriving in very large part to the loving care of everyone at WCMC.

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